What’s In a Message?

Looking for a way to make your brand message resonate? There are certain elements to keep in mind.

The concept of brand message is something that many business owners tend to take for granted. It’s because many of them have yet to understand what it is fully.

The truth is that the brand message is the glue that holds all of your content together. The message maintains the consistency of the brand’s identity through all the relevant articles, press releases, email campaigns, and such.

To make a strong brand message, use the following as your guide.

Create Your Brand Promise

It’s a crucial element of the brand message that indicates the company’s vision while still clearly stating what the business does. The brand promise relays what customers can expect from the company.

When crafting the brand promise, keep in mind that this also represents a pledge you’ll uphold with your customer.

Identify Your Marketplace Position

It’s also essential to have a relevant positioning statement that defines where a business fits in the marketplace.

The marketplace position also serves as a great guidance tool for creating messages both external and internal.

Know Your Target Audience

Brand messaging also has to account for the target audience. Whatever the message, it should always resonate with the ideal customers and speak to their needs and interests.

Find the Right Tone

Copywriting is an interwoven part of brand messaging. In this instance, the tone of voice becomes exceptionally crucial.

It’s vital to decide on the most suitable tone before starting work on the brand messaging. An entertainment brand may get away with a playful and fun style of voice, for example, but perhaps not one of accounting or the medical field.

The tone of voice should also account for the audience, not just the marketplace. It’s essential to use a style that one’s target customers would approve and enjoy.


Coming up with the best brand message may not happen overnight, and it may require you to go through trial and error until all the elements fit together.

Perhaps even before launching a business, it’s vital to take time to develop your brand messaging. It’s crucial to break down everything about the company when conveying what it’s about through relevant copy.

Practice describing the brand within one minute to get it down to a science. Keep in mind that it should speak to the audience, rather than the employees already familiar with it.

Remember Consistency

Your brand message doesn’t have to be a long piece of content. But in every piece of content that the company puts out, it should make its presence known.

The brand message is a mix of language, tone, value proposition, and audience motivation. Its goal is to establish trust and engrain the offer into the minds of customers and clients.

Therefore, it should be devoid of inconsistencies in font, colour scheme, and everything else.

Relevant Brand Messaging Creates Loyal Followers

The audience has to recognise your brand messaging instantly. That’s why every piece of content should convey the same message. Stick to highlighting the promise, vision, position, and the underlying value proposition. Remember to keep the tone and style consistent through all the channels used to establish trust and professionalism.

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