The Six Traits to Look For When Hiring a Marketing Professional

Optimising a marketing strategy requires expertise. Fortunately, the right people for the job usually share a few key qualities.

Hiring a marketing professional, whether outside help or someone in-house is never an easy choice. Either way, a business needs someone to spearhead its marketing for it to scale.

But finding the right person is easier said than done. There are many qualities to look for in a marketing professional that can help improve campaigns and grow a business.

However, six crucial traits often separate the best from the rest.


A marketing professional isn’t necessarily a copywriter, salesperson, or skilled designer. But, that person has to show an understanding of the creative process.

Remember, those in charge of marketing don’t necessarily develop creative work, but it’s their job to evaluate the innovative quality.

It’s also a marketing specialist’s job to develop effective strategies and plans on how to target the right audience and liaise between customers and the creative team.


A marketing professional is a master of communication and can convey the same ideas to people from different departments and backgrounds.

After all, the marketing team communicates with senior management, business owners, salespeople, creative teams, and even those in charge of product development.

The fact is that skilled conversationalists make some of the best marketing professionals in any industry.

Eye for Detail

What’s an often overlooked quality in marketing professionals?

It’s attention to detail and the ability to multitask.

Any marketing campaign requires the best project management to yield great results. Therefore, it’s within a marketing professional’s purview to help coordinate the involvement of various specialists.

It’s also up to the marketing people to develop schedules and the ideal budget for a campaign based on what they see from other departments within a company.


A great communicator isn’t always the best team player. But it’s essential to see a teamwork-oriented attitude in a marketing professional.

The best marketing professionals make it a point to encourage teamwork within a company.

Thirst for Knowledge

A desire to constantly learn and improve is something to look for in any employee. It includes marketing professionals, too, because the field continually changes.

That’s why it’s critical to find someone that can keep up with the times.

A real professional learns about new technologies and trends. Marketing people have to stay on top of market news, statistics, software, customer pain points, etc. They can’t stop learning about coming up with new ways to engage the customer base.

An Analytical Mind

Being creative doesn’t prevent anyone from using logic or weighing problems strategically. A marketing professional needs an analytical mind, too.

Whether in traditional or modern digital marketing, a strategic approach is always best. It’s the only way to factor in all the data, understand scenarios, and extrapolate solutions.

Nothing Changed

Marketing may have changed as it shifted from traditional to digital. That said, business owners should still look for the same vital traits when hiring marketing professionals.

However, the new marketing medium didn’t change the qualities required for a marketing specialist to do their job.

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