Everyone knows what an accountant does don’t they?

We produce accounts, prepare tax computations, and make sure everything gets filed on time. Right?

Well, yes. But really, this is just the start.

My passion is helping business owners find clarity in their numbers, make and keep more money, and find the freedom to enjoy life. To support them to realize their business dreams, to give them the opportunity to become the best version of themselves that they can be and so to positively impact their lives and the lives of those around them; their partners, spouses, children, other family, and friends.

When you work with me, I will provide you and your business with the tools to ensure that the numbers are all taken care of, that your compliance and filing obligations are met and that:

  • Long term business goals are achieved
  • Revenue grows in line with plan
  • The business trades profitably
  • Cash and working capital is managed effectively
  • The business is capitalised appropriately
  • The finance team is resourced properly and organised efficiently

The services I provide are designed with your particular needs in mind and include:

Annual Accounts & Corporation Tax Returns

As a limited company, you are required to prepare statutory accounts and submit these to Companies House annually. This is all included within your quote and you will have peace of mind knowing that this is all taken care of for you. You are also required to file a Corporation Tax Return annually with HMRC. We’ll take care of everything that HMRC requires and inform you of the corporation tax payment required in plenty of time.

Management Accounts

Our Management Accounts are delivered via a clear & comprehensive report to show you progress against your plan and will help you ensure that you remain on track to achieve budget.

Monthly Call – These reports are then followed up with a phone call or online meeting to agree the numbers and schedule appropriate actions.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash flow forecasts can be required for a number of reasons. We would recommend keeping an up-to-date cash flow forecast as a management tool but these are also often requested if you are applying for business finance.

We use sophisticated financial forecasting software that integrates with your cloud accounting system to pull past activity and then build a forecast from this.

We suggest working with a rolling 13-week transactional forecast for management purposes. Forecasts for longer periods can be produced if required.

Business Planning

So often business plans are the result of a lot of hard work only to be forgotten about. But a workable plan that you use to inform your annual targets and your quarterly and monthly priorities can make the difference between a business that goes nowhere and one that makes real progress.

And if you have external investors an approved business plan will be a requirement.

We will work with you to produce a plan for your business, with a special focus on the financial elements but also ensuring that the written parts of the plan are consistent with the financial forecasts.

Financial Forecasting & Budgeting

We believe that every business should have a 3-year financial budget to plan where you want to be heading. This gives direction to the board and the entire team as to what the business is trying to achieve so you are all working in sync.

We’ll also create, manage and update a rolling 12-month 3-way forecast of profit & loss, cash flow, and the balance sheet so you always know what the future financial performance and position of the business looks like, based on what we already know today. This is about bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it.

Company Secretarial Services

If you are running a limited company, you will need to file an annual confirmation statement.

There are many other statutory filings that can be required on an ad hoc basis depending on your particular situation. We will complete these other returns reflecting changes in directors, shareholders, people with significant control, etc. as requested and file the same on your behalf. We will also maintain all the statutory registers required by law to ensure that you are complying with your statutory obligations at all times.

Personal Tax Returns

Preparation and online submission of your personal tax return, calculating your tax bills and advising you on how much tax to pay and when; completing a personal tax return is not just form filling – we follow a 10-step process in order to complete your personal tax return for you:

  1. Supply you with a Tax Return Checklist to save you time in getting together all the information we will need.
  2. We then use the information and explanations you give us to complete your Personal Tax Return.
  3. We also calculate your personal tax bills and payments on account so that you know exactly how much to pay and when to pay in order to avoid penalties and interest.
  4. With the exception of tax credits, we will advise you on possible claims and elections arising from your Personal Tax Return and from information supplied by you, in order to minimise your personal tax bills. Where you subsequently instruct us, we will make such claims and elections in the form and manner required by HM Revenue & Customs.
  5. Once you have given us your written approval, we will submit your Personal Tax Return return to HM Revenue & Customs.
  6. We will file your Personal Tax Return online – the benefits to you being: You’ll know exactly when HM Revenue & Customs received it, the risk of “human error” processing mistakes by HM Revenue & Customs will be minimised and if you’re entitled to a tax repayment, you’ll receive your refund much quicker
  7. We will check HM Revenue & Customs’ calculation of your tax bills and initiate repayment claims if you have overpaid.
  8. If you’re entitled to a tax refund, we’ll ask you for your bank account details so that we can transfer any refunds to you electronically – you’ll get your money back from HM Revenue & Customs without the hassle of visiting your bank or waiting for funds to clear.
  9. We’ll deal with all communications relating to your Personal Tax Return that are directly addressed to us by HM Revenue & Customs, or forwarded to us by you.
  10. By preparing your Personal Tax Return, you’ll automatically be covered by our tax investigation insurance policy (worth up to £75,000). As a result, you’ll not have to pay any extra fees for our help in the event of a full or aspect enquiry into your tax affairs by HM Revenue & Customs. You’ll therefore have complete peace of mind from knowing that there’ll be no extra charges if we ever do need to help you deal with the most common forms of tax investigation.

To discuss how I could support you in your business please complete this brief form and I will be in touch shortly.